Roof Cleaning

A clean roof is a vital part of your home maintenance. Moss dramatically reduces the lifespan of your roof, meaning that you may end up replacing the roofing materials long before you anticipated.

Moss collects and holds water from exposure to the elements, allowing it to penetrate into your home. This enables its roots to destroy the integrity of the shingles making them crack faster as well as letting water saturate them.

Moss does not have a deep root system, and so it can’t take up water from soil as many other plants do. This means that they need flowing or falling water in order to thrive.

In addition, the way moss reproduces requires flowing water. Moss copes with this constraint by growing in environments that are wet at least some of the time. Some species also have a remarkable ability to survive desiccation. In dry conditions they are inactive, but they can quickly recover when water is available.

Roof moss can quite literally eat away your roof shingles, taking years off their life expectancy. Nearly 35% of all roofs are replaced prematurely due to some type of roof fungus penetration. Proper roof maintenance can not only save thousands of dollars in early replacement, but extend the life your roof shingles.

Roof moss removal can be dangerous and costly but it will significantly extend the lifespan of your roof.

It’s a good idea to clean roofs once or twice a year. Cleaning removes leaves, needles, and other debris that slows effective drying of the roof and prevents moss buildup.

Moss Prevention

We do not use bleach, lye, acid, phosphates or heavy metals in our treatments. Teose hazardous ingredients can cause damage to gutters, windows, flashing, vehicles and other surfaces as well as to our environment.

We only use biodegradable, non corrosive products that have a residual effect and in most cases, do not require any rinsing, thus virtually eliminating the need for pressure washing.

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