Gutter Cleaning – Know The Risks

Gutters are only as efficient as their maintenance allows them to be.

If you live in a city like Vancouver which receives a healthy amount of rainfall annually, it is important that you keep your gutters clean and unclogged to prevent damage to your property.

Unfortunately, keeping your gutters clean is a lot more challenging than it might appear.

Gutter Cleaning – Trust the Professionals

Most people agree that it’s best to keep your gutter clean by hiring a professional. But the bigger question is how exactly do you spot a professional?

Most of the ‘professionals’ hired by the best companies are people who claim to know their craft after only about 1 or 2 weeks of training.

Many of the "professionals" working today have inadequate experience. Because of the high flow of workers, not many companies take the time to ensure that their workers are properly trained or efficient on the job.

Even if you do find a qualified professional—someone competent enough to properly clean your gutters without doing damage to the system--there is no guarantee that he’ll do a first rate job.

Any experienced professional knows that the risk of damaging something is greater with prolonged and intensive cleaning. This is why they often cut corners by simply addressing the surface areas. Unfortunately, this means that the effects of your gutter repair will only last so long.

Gutter Cleaning – Where It Might Go Wrong, And How Much They’ll Cost

Gutter cleaning isn’t just challenging. it’s a very dangerous and demanding job. It exposes you, the cleaner and your home to a range of potential complications. Some of the areas where an amatuer cleaning can easily go wrong include:

  •     Damage to your roof shingle: To keep your gutters clean, you’ll need to do it at least four times a year—possibly more. With all that regular cleaning, it’s only a matter of time before your roof shingles become damaged. Depending on the type of shingles that are damaged, it can end up costing you anywhere from $150 to $400 to replace 2 or 3 shingles.
  •     Damage to your gutter: The weight of the ladder can very easily bend, gouge or damage your gutter. If you think cleaning your gutter is expensive, wait until you try replacing one. To replace a 120 feet of vinyl (PVC) gutters, it’ll cost you about $350 to $600. Replacing an aluminum gutter of the same length is $500 to $1,200, while you’ll need an impressive $1,000 to $2,000 to replace a galvanized steel gutter. Even after the damaged gutters have been replaced, you’ll still need to pay to have them hauled away. That’s an extra $100.
  •     Risk of Falling: People fall from ladders. Sometimes it ends with nothing more than a light bruise. However, most of the time, it ends with more severe injuries. If a professional falls while cleaning your gutter on your property, guess who’ll be liable? How much will it cost? It depends. The average cost for a ladder accident is $96,000 but based on the sustained injuries sustained, the toll could be much higher.

Those aren’t the only risks the gutter cleaning exposes you to. You can also damage your drain system, landscape or deck surface while moving the ladder around.

Repairing any of these will cost you hundreds of dollars, all hidden costs that coule be avoided by consulting a professional. Click here to find out more about Gutter Cleaning Services Vancouver


Given all these factors, it’s easy to see how trying to keep your gutter clean can end up being a challenging project. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t more effective solutions that you can consider.

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