Roof Cleaning Service in Burnaby, BC

Our Roof Cleaning Service removes dirt, debris, and other materials from the surface of your roof, including moss removal and other services. This can be done using various methods, including a pressure washer, hand-washing, and chemical cleaners.


Like most people, you probably don't think about your roof very often. But, the truth is that the roof is one of the essential parts of your home. It protects you from the elements and keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That's why keeping your roof clean and updated with repairs is essential.

Roof cleaning is essential because it removes moss, algae, and other organic growth that can damage your roof and lead to costly repairs. It also helps prevent water leaks by keeping your gutters clear of debris.


There are several benefits to keeping your roof and property clean.


A roof is one of the essential parts of a house and one of the most exposed elements. Over time, dirt, grime, moss, and other materials can build up on your roof, making it more susceptible to damage. Roof cleaning experts will remove all of this buildup and help in preventing future damage. They can also clean your roof shingles, cedar shake roof, and roof tiles aside from providing moss removal services.


Roof cleaning is essential for several reasons. First, it increases the home's property value. In addition, a clean roof makes a house look well-maintained and can add curb appeal.


It is essential to keep your roof clean to maintain its longevity and integrity. Roof cleaning is vital in extending the lifespan of your roof. In addition, it helps in removing debris, moss, and other growths that can damage your roof.


You can save money in the long run if you clean your roof regularly. A clean roof lasts longer and looks better, while a dirty one is more likely to suffer damage and must be replaced sooner.



Cedar roofs are popular in Burnaby due to their beauty and durability. However, cedar shakes or shingles require regular maintenance and cleaning. In addition, moss and algae can quickly build up on cedar roofs, causing discoloration and premature aging.


Asphalt roofs are one of the most popular coverings for homes and businesses. This is because they're durable, last longer, and offer excellent protection against the elements. However, they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Therefore, roof cleaning is one of the most critical aspects of asphalt roof care.


Tile roofs are also popular in Burnaby. Tile roofs are easy to maintain and don't require much cleaning compared to cedar roofs. However, moss and algae can still build up on tile roofs, causing them to deteriorate prematurely.


Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials on the market, and for a good reason. They're durable, affordable, and easy to install. But, like any other roofing material, they require maintenance to keep them looking their best. That's where our Roof Restoration Service comes in.

No matter what type of roof you have, Adequate Solutions can help you keep it looking its best.



The most common cause of roof damage is debris buildup, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs. In addition, debris on your roof can cause damage and lead to leaks. These materials release acids that can eat away your roofing as they decompose. Moss and algae can also grow on your roof and lead to leaks. In addition, debris can hold moisture against your roof, leading to rot and other damage. Roof cleaning companies offer services such as moss removal, gutter cleaning, or roof repair that will help prevent these problems.


Another cause of it is poor ventilation. Heat and moisture can build up when your attic isn't adequately ventilated, causing your roof materials to break down prematurely. Proper ventilation can help in extending the life of your roof by preventing the buildup of heat and moisture.


Finally, extreme weather is natural in the Lower Mainland and can also cause damage to your roof. For example, high winds can lift shingles and expose your roof to the elements, while heavy snow and ice can crack or buckle shingles. Again, regular inspections of your roof can help you in catching any damage signs so that you can repair it and get service before it becomes a bigger problem.



Moss and algae growth on your roof can be unsightly and lead to damage if left unchecked.

Our Roofing Service is the best way to prevent moss and algae growth. This means removing leaves, branches, or other organic debris that can accumulate on your roof. You also should ensure that it has cleaned gutters and is free of debris so that water can flow freely off your roof.

Suppose you already have moss or algae growing on your roof. In that case, you'll need to remove it to protect your property from more extensive damage.


You're not alone if you've noticed black streaks on your roof. Many homeowners in Burnaby and the surrounding areas have this problem.

The cause of black streaks is usually algae or moss. Algae thrive in warm, humid conditions and can quickly colonize a roof. Moss, on the other hand, prefers shady, damp areas and can take hold even in colder temperatures.

Removing these black streaks will help in prolonging your roof's life.


During rainy weather, gutters channel water away from your roof, preventing it from seeping into your home and causing costly damage. However, if your gutters are full of debris, they can't do their job correctly.

Leaves, twigs, and other organic materials can build up in your gutters, causing them to clog. When this happens, water can't flow freely through them and may overflow onto your roof or spill out onto the ground near your home. Gutter cleaners will be able to provide the services that you need.


Water leaks in your roof can cause severe damage to your home. If you think it may be leaking, fixing it as soon as possible and cleaning your roof is necessary. But again, it can cause severe damage to your home, so it's best to be proactive and have it repaired before it becomes a bigger problem.

There are many different ways that water can leak into your roof. However, the most common way is through holes or cracks in the roof shingles.

Another way that water can leak into your roof is through the gutter. If your channel is clogged, it won't be able to drain water away from your home correctly. This can cause water to back up and leak into your roof.


Having your roof system cleaned regularly is crucial to prevent the buildup of moss, algae, and other organic materials. Unfortunately, this can lead to leaks, damage, and a shorter lifespan for your roof.

Most companies recommend cleaning your roof every 1-2 years, depending on your roof type and the amount of moss growth.

If you live in an area with many trees, or if your roof is in direct sunlight most of the day, you may need to have it cleaned more often.

Call Adequate Solutions today for a free quote from our Burnaby cleaning services company. We provide exceptional service, roof moss removal, and gutter cleaning. In addition, we'll be happy to answer any questions and help you in keeping your roof in top condition.


So, when is the best time of year to do your Roof Repair? Well, that depends on a few factors. First, we recommend roof cleaning for your property in the spring or fall here in Burnaby. This is because the weather is milder. There is also less chance of damaging your roof during the cleaning process.

However, it's best to do moss removal in the spring if you have moss problems. This is because moss is more likely to grow in the spring when there is more air moisture.

No matter what time of year you choose to do the roof cleaning to reduce your carbon footprint, Adequate Solutions can help you. We are a Burnaby-based roof cleaning and moss removal company, serving the Lower Mainland for over ten years. We offer various services, including cedar roof cleaning, asphalt shingle cleaning, gutter cleaning, and more.

Call us today for a free quote and have a moss-free home. In addition, we would be happy to answer any questions you have about our services or the best time of year to do roof cleaning.


It would help if you knew a few things regarding roof cleaning in Burnaby.

First and foremost, roof cleaning should be done by a professional.

Many companies claim to be able to clean your roof. However, most don't have the proper equipment or knowledge to do a good job. A professional roof cleaning company will have the right equipment and know-how to use it properly. They will also have the experience of knowing what products to use on your roof, how to apply them safely and doing a great job of removing moss.


This is important because you don't want to be held responsible if something goes wrong. Ensure that the company you hire is insured and has a good reputation. You can check online reviews to see what other people have said about the company.


Some companies charge more than others, so you'll want to get quotes from a few different companies before making a decision. Be sure to compare the prices and services each company offers before making your final decision.

Be sure to get references from friends or family.

This way, you can be sure that the company you're considering is reputable and that they will do a good job.


To see what other people have said about the company. If they have good reviews from others who have had the services before is always the best way to identify if you're choosing the right roof cleaning company.


Usually, companies will come to your home and do a free estimate. So, you can ensure they are the right company for the job. Please be sure to ask questions and get a feel for their level of customer service.


They should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take and what products they will use, such as moss treatment. Please be sure to ask about any warranties that they offer.

Once the roof cleaning is complete, inspect the results.

If you're not satisfied, contact the company and let them know. Most companies will be happy to come back and re-clean if necessary.


Are you tired of looking at your moss-covered roof? If so, you're not alone. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Burnaby neglect their roofs, thinking they'll eventually clean them themselves. However, this isn't the case. Over time, moss and other organic materials can build up on your roof, causing it to deteriorate and potentially lead to expensive repairs.

One of the best ways to keep your roof from having issues is to have it cleaned regularly by a professional Burnaby cleaning company like Adequate Solutions.

We specialize in Burnaby roof cleaning and can remove moss, algae, and other debris quickly and efficiently. Not only will this improve the appearance of your home, but it will also extend your roof's life.

We also offer gutter and window cleaning services and roof cleaning. So, we can help you if your gutters are full of leaves and debris or your windows are covered in dirt and grime.


Here are some things to consider when choosing a roof cleaning company:

  • Type of Roof: What kind of roof do you have? Different types of roofs require different types of cleaning methods. For example, cedar roofs require another cleaning method than asphalt shingles.
  • Size of Roof: What is the size of your roof? The size of your roof will determine the price of the cleaning service.
  • Condition of the Roof: What is the condition of your roof? If your roof is in good condition, you may need a Moss Removal service. However, if your roof is inadequate, you may need a Roof Repair service.
  • Budget: What is your budget? Adequate Solutions offers different affordable prices for our services. Be sure to get a free quote to help you make a decision.



Most Burnaby cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and pressure washers to clean roofs. However, at Adequate Solutions, we believe there is a better way. Our gentle, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are just as effective at preventing moss growth, but they won't damage your roof or the environment.


If you are concerned about the cost of roof cleaning, don't be. We offer very competitive rates, and in most cases, we can save you money by extending the life of your roof. In addition, regular roof cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your investment and keep your home in top condition.


So, if you are looking for a Burnaby Residential Roofing Company that you can trust, look no further than us here at Adequate Solutions. We offer the best service at the most competitive rates. So, contact us today for a free quote.



Adequate Solutions offers various roof cleaning services to keep your home or business looking great. We can clean cedar roofs, asphalt shingles, tile roofs, and more. We also offer gutter cleaning and window cleaning services.

Our experienced roof cleaners will work quickly and efficiently to remove moss growing on your roof. We also offer a moss removal service to prevent moss from growing back. Our cedar roof cleaning services are second to none, and we can also clean asphalt shingle and tile roofs. We also offer pressure washing and power washing services. We are a full-service roof cleaning company, offering our customers with various services. In addition, we are the roof cleaners in Burnaby that provide a free quote and a money-back guarantee.

Our roof cleaning services are available in Burnaby, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas.