Streak and Stain Prevention

New gutters on a house are one of the first exterior finishes on a house to stain and lose their new appearance. Within a few short months (sometimes weeks) new gutters will begin staining, streaking and get what is known in the industry as “tiger striping”.

The cause of staining

There are several factors that lead to and cause gutter staining including petroleum-based run-off (roof-shingles), tannic acid from leaves, pollution, acid rain, pollen, general dirt and debris as well as various other contaminants all leading to gutter staining.

These harsh contaminants along with certain atmospheric conditions lead to contaminant filled condensation and forms a bond with the gutter surface that allows the inevitable staining and blackening of the gutter face.

This condensation that accumulates on the top horizontal edge of the gutter eventually runs down the gutter day after day and in short order begins the staining process.

StainGuarder™ as an alternative for cleaning outside (face side) of your gutters.

  • StainGuarder™ is a small “add-on” to your existing gutters which deflect any water, mud, debris, and other junk that gets on your gutters and makes them streak and blacken.
  • It is made with the most advanced durable exterior grade UV enhanced vinyl available.
  • It will not fade, crack, disintegrate or turn yellow.
  • It can be installed and fits with virtually every leaf guard, screen and all gutter covers or toppers.
  • It comes in several colors to complement the decor of your home.
  • It is hardly noticeable from the ground, so your visitors will never know there’s something “extra” on your gutter.