Window Cleaning

Clean Windows have a powerful impact on the appearance of your home. They allow natural light to enter to your home, helping to heat it in the winter along with brightening the interior of your home. Clean windows also leave a good impression on your friends, neighbors and the community at large.

Why does it need to be performed?

Window cleaning is a job better left to professionals because it is the kind of chore that lingers endlessly at the bottom of your to-do list...which you may or may not ever get to if you plan to do it yourself.

A professional cleaning can leave your windows streak-free and gleaming, giving your home an inviting appearance both inside and out.

How often does it need to be performed?

Twice a year should be sufficient for professional window cleaning services. You’ll want to wash off the effects of winter rain, frost and snow as well as clearing away bugs, pollen and dirt from the spring and summer months. Therefore, spring and fall are typically the best times for a professional window cleaning.

How will the service be performed?

Window cleaning basically has five steps: scrubbing, scraping, cleaning the frame, squeegeeng and wiping the fine corners of the window.

Windows first are scrubbed with a brush or a fabric-covered, T-shaped bar with a handle. The cleaner uses large circular strokes and use enough cleaning solution to keep the window wet until a scraper is used.

Then, the cleaner will scrape away stubborn dirt particles or leftover paint, starting around the window’s perimeter then, using long strokes, scraping towards the center.

Scraping would be done in only one direction, lifting the scraper off of the glass after each stroke. The window will be washed again, then dried with a squeegee, which is a rubber blade, attached to a T-shaped bar. A dry, lint-free cloth will be used to wipe the blade between strokes and to wipe the edges of the window.

You may want to consider hiring a professional window cleaner instead of fussing with your windows. They have all of the right tools and equipment that allow them to easily clean windows with minimal effort.

The shocking thing is the relatively low cost. Often an average home can be cleaned for anywhere from $50 to $150. When you consider the hassle, danger involved in working on ladders, and the amount of money you spend on paper towels, you may find that calling a professional is a much better way to go.