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Larissa Lavric: Window & Gutter Cleaning review in Richmond - March 24, 2021

Very pleased with their work. Glass patio cover was especially challenging. It was for the 2nd story deck and was very hard to reach. They did a great job power washing it that it now looks brand new. I have already recommended them to several friends.

Donald: Window & Gutter Cleaning review in New Westminster - October 17, 2020

Cleaned out gutters including our detached garage and provided detailed report on potential deficiencies of our rubber membrane that may need some attention in the near future. Also helped to reduce the noise of one downspout near the bedroom at no extra charge.

Jerry in Toronto: Window & Gutter Cleaning review in Burnaby - July 02, 2020

Iouri has been proactive in his interest in assisting us with our gutter problem. We are ever thankful for his great service. Before we looked for help, we noticed that a gutter on a 2nd floor roof was sprouting a growing shrub. Concerned that it will turn into a tree (sarcasm), we thought we should do something about it anyway because shrubs don't sprout from thin air. Another thing is that we had the roof cleaned two years ago, and the roof cleaners supposed to have cleaned the gutters, so something was wrong. After using Homestars, Iouri reached us and I had given him a message because I was attracted by his flat rate (not hourly) and straightforwardness. Even before he replied to my message, he already showed up to my front door. Some people may be uncomfortable with this, but I appreciate the initiative, and it really paid off. Iouri gave us an assessment of the house right away and knew what he was talking about. He showed us how to know where the gutters are failing by looking at year long drip marks on the floor, and he saw dirt on the lower part of the roof indicating that birds were picking out dirt from the upper gutters and throwing it down, particularly in the area with the shrub. We had taken his service, and when he came, he was very thorough with his work. He didn't use some powerwashing method, which isn't good enough. He used a scoop and bucket to ensure all the dirt was out, and he made sure we saw how much was in there (picture of our compost). He also had fixed up three gutters for us. He went above and beyond his work and recognized various roof tile issues for us, taking pictures, and offering to help. We had several broken tiles, and a tile that slid down by a bit. He had fixed that tile that fell off for free, and he offered to repair the other ones at a later date as he needed to buy replacements. We definitely wanted to have his continued service, so he'll be coming back again to repair the roof tiles. We are very happy with his services. My mother-in-law even said she had years of dealing with cleaning services and never had someone as good as Iouri. The gutter cleaning costed us $230, and the gutter corner repairs was an additional $50 each, so that is a total of $380. I hope this gives people confidence to hire his service. He gives a very competitive price because, I think, he operates independently. Please consider him for your house work.

Leigh in Maple Ridge: House Cleaning Exteriors review in Maple Ridge - July 13, 2019

Yuri did a fantastic job ,as he always does ,,he never stops till he’s done ,,we are very happy and greatfull ,and he’s always pleasant to talk to ,,thankyou ,Leigh Quarfordt

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