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We offer a variety of services that stop problems before they start.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance, limiting the growth of unsightly buildup on your home or business. Power washing is the most basic way to remove this type of buildup from the exterior of your building, but can easily damage materials like tile and brick as well as many types of siding. That’s why Adequate Solutions is proud to offer a range of cleaning services, devising the right solution every time.

The issue with power washing is that it not only subjects the building materials to forces which it was never designed to withstand, but it also can strip away waterproof coatings that make your roofing materials resistant to the constant onslaught of the elements. Power washing can expose the base mat of roofing, which is not meant to withstand UV rays. This means your roofing material will have a much shorter lifespan than if it had been treated with one of our advanced methods, and may even begin to leak prematurely, causing untold damage to the building’s structure.

Instead, we offer a much more extensive variety of effective cleaning techniques, from manual removal that gently eradicates moss from the surface of your roofing to chemical spray techniques that kill the moss at its root to offer a more enduring solution.

We typically combine these solutions, removing large chunks by hand before dissolving the remaining moss with a chemical treatment so it can be gently washed away by the rain without clogging your gutter system. We can even expedite the process with a pressureless rinse for immediate results, facilitating property sales and other short notice exhibitions. Our team can work directly with you to determine and address your individual moss removal needs, so call today for a free consultation.

Gutter Care

Despite the fact that a drainage management system is an important part of ensuring the longevity of building materials, the vast majority of gutters in Burnaby are improperly installed or otherwise inadequate for regular use. Almost anyone can clean a gutter, but only our expertise can ensure it is properly installed, cleaned and serviced to perform at its highest possible level, and our signature One Year No Clog Warranty stands as a testament to the quality of our services.

We specialize in gutter repair, gutter replacement, gutter installation and implementation of gutter protection systems that can help ensure that you experience these difficult issues much less often. We can bring your gutter system up to the demands of your property, eliminating overflows and clogging and ensuring you never have to go out in the rain to perform an emergency cleaning again.

Our gutter maintenance services are available as part of our full restoration package, which sees our technicians remove all visible moss from your roof and gutters, kill the remaining growth with a chemical treatment, then flush your system with a gentle, no pressure flow to return it to proper working order. No matter what it takes, we can make your gutters work like new, guaranteed. Call us today for a free consultation or a quote on our gutter care services.

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