Proactive Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Nothing detracts from the curb appeal of your home or business like unsightly moss buildup or discoloration from exposure to the elements over time. Adequate Solutions specializes in deep cleaning services for buildings and exterior property as well as professional gutter and drainage system management, putting our expertise in restoration methods to work for you.

While other building cleaning services use rudimentary power washing techniques that can decrease the lifespan of building materials or even damage them directly, we employ a range of restoration methods that remove the offending grime and leave your edifices like new without damaging them. Don’t entrust the face of your presence in a community to an inexperienced cleaning crew, when you need the most competent and complete suite of services for your restoration needs, the only name is Adequate Solutions.


Strata Specialists

Our team specializes in strata property maintenance, possessing the tools and techniques to maintain your exterior installations such as walls, statues and other stone or metal constructs. We’ve taken a focus on strata maintenance for over 20 years, and so when you turn to us you can be assured of the highest caliber of care for your property.

We can service structures of any size and have a solution to fit practically any budget, so talk to us today to learn more about what professional cleaning can do for your most visible outdoor installations.

Welcome- we are Adequate Solutions

At Adequate Solutions, we take pride in keeping buildings at their best with our signature maintenance and exterior cleaning processes. Our suite of services is proactive instead of reactive, addressing minor routine issues before they become disruptive catastrophes. Homeowners and entrepreneurs in the area have turned to us for years for our induvidualized service and professionalism in every facet of what we do.

Expert Care

Our 20 years of experience gives us the insight for your individual issue.

Trained Technicians

Our staff is extensively trained and fully qualified to provide you service.

Individualized Insights

We develop an action plan designed around your specific scenario.

Customer Focused

Our success is always driven by the total satisfaction of our clients.

our services

Adequate Solutions offers a full range of exterior maintenance services that preserve the aesthetic as well as the structural soundness of your building materials.

Gutter Cleaning

Not every gutter cleaning services is created equal. We believe that a tradesman should be accountable for his work. This is why we have an extended warranty available. Gutters we clean stay clean, so you never have to climb the ladder again.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows have direct impact on the appearance of your home. They allow more light to enter to your home, helping to heat it in the winter and making your day brighter as well as making a better impression on your friends and neighbors

Roof Cleaning

Moss dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof, meaning you might have to replace the roof long before you anticipated. Moss collects and holds water, allowing it to penetrate into your house, while its roots destroy the integrity of the shingles

Gutter Protection System

Are you tired of seeing your gutters overflowing again and again? What if I tell you that for the price of gutter cleaning you can have an effective, custom solution to keep your existing gutters clean? You don’t have to trust us, as we provide a one year warranty that your gutters will stay clean

Streak and Stain Prevention

New gutters on a house are one of the first exterior finishes to stain and lose their new appearance. Within a few short months (sometimes weeks) new gutters will begin staining, streaking and get what is known in the industry as “tiger striping”. Did you know that it could be easily prevented?

Preventive Maintanance

Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of system failures. It is designed to preserve and enhance system reliability by upgrading components before they actually fail. Do you buy your umbrella before it starts to rain?