Gutter Protection System

Are you tired of seeing your gutters overflowing again and again?

What if we told you that for the price of gutter cleaning you can have an effective, custom solution to keep your Existing Gutters clean?

Better still, you don’t have to trust us...we give you a one year warranty, that your gutters wil stay clean!

We at Adequate Solutions strongly believe that a tradesman should always be responsible for the result of his work, and with the amount of rain we get in Vancouver (80 inches yearly) every property needs to have the best continuing care possible.

Unfortunately, 95% of the properties do not have their gutter system set up to work on optimal level due to several factors:

  •     Aging of the roof and gutter system that translate into gutter becoming loose and unleveled.
  •     Ineffective gutter system design. Gutter systems haven’t had any major improvements for decades, and superior alternatives have only recently been developed. Despite changes in construction, very few people realize that the way we build gutter systems has changed dramatically over those years.
  • According to CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), the average size of a Canadian house in 1945 was just over 800 square feet. In 1975 it was 1075 square feet. And according to Canadian Home Builders Association, the average new single-detached house built in 2003 in Canada was 1,800-square-feet, where largest houses are being built in British Columbia. Today, 800 sq feet houses in one level bungalow styles without a basement and 2 floors are increasingly rare. Many homes measure 2500 sq feet or more, and bigger houses require a much more advanced drainage solution. with 2 or even 3 levels of gutters installed. Unfortunately, most gutter cleaning and even installation companies fail to understand the principles of the system and rely on old expertise. Everyone does it as they were told and taught 10 years ago, 25 years ago, and 50 years ago, and outdated approaches are common.
  •     Inefficiency of maintenance technique used (gutter cleaning) and high costs associated with these services. Proper maintenance requires gutter cleaning to be performed 2, 4 sometimes 8 times a year, and it still mayt not be effective. The gutter system on a house is very similar to kitchen sink or a bath tub, as they all have to drain water by the force of gravity. The problem is that there are at list 8 or even more drains in most of the houses to remove all the water used inside: sinks, showers and bath tabs, toilets, dish washing machine, laundry washing machine, and other fixtures, and there are probably only 6 or fewer drains in most of the gutters that collect not only water but organic and non organic debris as well. (Try counting them on your own property, if you live in the house!) Why this is important? Because with the amount of rain we are getting in Vancouver, (80.5 inches, or 2000ml a year) more water has to go through those 6 drains (or less) in your gutters during the year, than total water consumption for family of 4 for the same time, including cooking, drinking, taking showers, cleaning the dishes, washing laundry, and even watering your lawn! All this water used inside goes to 8 drains or more that you may clean after each use. Try dumping a bucket of leaves in your kitchen sink then using it without cleaning even for a week!

Many homeowners and property managers feel frustrated that the money they spend for these services doesn’t provide the results they want.

Traditional Gutter Cleaning may appear to be an effective solution for proper rain water management, but it doesn’t address the core of the problem:

The ability of the gutter to collect organic and non organic debris that plug the drain spots in the gutter and prevent them from effectively transferring collected water into the drain.

Regardless of how many companies you as a home owner would interview or hire for your gutter cleaning needs, none of them would be able to offer you an extended warranty for their services or provide long term solution at costs comparable to the cost of cleaning.

There are long term solutions available on the market, but most of them would cost as much as 30 times more than the cost of cleaning! 

However, it is important to find some solution,because as soon as your gutter becomes plugged, water goes over the top, destroying paint, wood, penetrating into the walls, allow it to collect in the soil and to seep into your foundation or basement.

Even worse, concrete foundations 60 years ago were still a relatively new concept, so the damage from excessive ground erosion was pretty much unknown by most people. It is something that does not normally occur over the course of a few years, but over a few decades.

This is exactly why 50 years ago, 25 years ago, or even 10 years ago performance of those gutter systems wasn’t THAT important. It is why a simple cleaning of the gutters doesn’t work today, because when this damage has occurred it is such a costly and invasive repair that the house is rendered nearly worthless.

Now when a Home Inspector sees evidence of a cracked and unleveled foundation it drops the value by $100k, since the repair is so costly and time consuming.

Nowadays there are definitely no houses without a concrete foundation. There is slow recognition of those facts, so now builder’s code requires rain management systems (gutters) on all newly built houses and it also requires that all collected water was transferred to Underground drain, not to the ground.

The only effective way to protect any property from the rain water damages is either completely redesign their gutter system, installing more and bigger drains instead of making those drains even smaller with strainers installed, as most of the companies do, as well as installing those strainers 3 feet above the ground, where it would be possible to clean it as needed without using a ladder or climbing up to the roof. (We still do need to use strainers to prevent all this debris from entering into underground drain because those can get plugged as well. To clean those you might have to dig up your garden, or a driveway, and you can imagine how much this would cost!)

The downside of it is that your gutters would still collect debris and you would still need to clean them--and it would still be dangerous for the property and for the cleaner! Also, there is still no warranty that these drains would handle the amount of debris that your property typically receives. Each property is unique, so what may work for one property may not for others.

The only TRULY effective way to deal with this problem is to install a Gutter Protection System so no debris would enter the gutter. This means drains in the gutter will not plug and can effectively transfer collected water down. The only problem for some is the relatively high many people would be willing and able to spend $800.00 – $4000.00 for those systems without trying it first?

Still, what if I tell you that most of the properties can get effective gutter protection system for them that fits their budget? The only catch is that you would lease this system instead of buying it, and in contrast with more expensive systems, you could lease it for a year and get it removed if it wouldn’t work.

However, if you do like it and can see this system would make your gutters work better, you can lease it year after year...and remember, you do not have to spend more than you already budgeted for your gutter cleaning! 

You could actually save money if your gutters usually require cleaning more than once a year..and that's before factoring in have possible savings for your next renovation project, as there would be much less water damage to worry about.

With average gutter cleaning there is no warranty that gutters wouldn’t get plugged again, even if there are not many trees around, and clogs could even be caused by moss from your own roof. We offer a convenient and enduring solution to your exterior drainage needs, so call us today to find out more.