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gutter cleaning and repair : Vancouver, BC| March 04, 2013

Louri is a very pleasant person. He is a complete worker and spent hours to do his work. The gutter cleaning was very satisfactory and he did an absolutely fantastic job in repairing the leak in the gutters. No body could repair the gutters over the last 5 years and we have to live with the leaking gutter for 5 years. Louri has solved the problem and we are very grateful to him. He also cleaned the roof free of charge. What a great guy!

Gutter cleaning and power washing : Burnaby, BC| October 04, 2012

We have tried many gutter cleaners over the years. Last year, we call Iouri to clean our gutters. He not only did a fantastic job but was a pleasure to deal with. This year, we didn't have to shop around. We called Iouri (Adequate Solutions) to prep our home for sale. He cleaned the gutters and power washed the deck, sidings and windows. Once again, top quality work with exceptional customer service and best of all, great value for our money. I would recommend him to our friends and family. Thanks!

gutter cleaning : West Vancouver, BC| July 26, 2012

We recently put my house up for sale since my husband is getting relocated, and we hired Adequate Solutions to do a complete cleanup of our gutters, which have become extremely dirty over years of neglect. They came out on time and finished the job quickly, which is great. But the best part is the results. My gutters look like they belong on a brand new home, not a 20 year old home! This company has done a fantastic job and I'm sure it'll help sell my home. Thanks again!

Timely manner : Burnaby, BC| July 17, 2012

I was very pleased with Adequate Solutions. They came to my house in a very timely manner. Actually it was the day after I called them! They cleaned my roof, gutters and downspouts and checked other areas of my roof for any necessary repairs. I would recommend them.

Kudos to Adequate Solutions : Burnaby, BC| July 17, 2012

Being surrounded by trees my gutters were constantly being blocked. As a consequence I was continually having to clear them out. Then I had Adequate Solutions install a gutter guard protection system. Ever since I can honestly say I haven't had to clear my gutters once! And they are still clean and free-flowing! Kudos to Adequate Solutions.

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Share Your Experience With Us